Who We Are is What We Do...Computer Cleaning Services

 Offices, Financial Institutions, Computer Rooms & Retail, our service offers you cleaning for all your computer and electronic equipment.  Our knowledge and technical experience starts in 1986 in the Computer room.  Computer workstations started replacing typewriters.  Cleaning duties were a daily process to reduce dust build up around the computers sensitive areas.  Cleaning was imperative to prevent dust build up that could cause static and affect the running of the systems. 

Nothing has changed in today’s industry.  Computer rooms and equipment still need cleaning.  Dust bunnies (made up from dust, dirt and hair)  get blown around from the fans and air conditioners.  They accumulate around sensitive wiring and fans.  Unfortunately many companies have less staff to work demanding workdays.  There is no time to clean their high cost equipment.  When dust accumulates it can clog fans and overheat the circuitry.  This could burn out the equipment and cost a lot of money to replace.   Dirt and grime build up, leaving the equipment looking in poor condition not to mention what you could be exposed to. 

Many employees eat at their desk.  Whether it's due to deadlines, or running errands on their lunch; desk top dining happens more often than lunch in the cafeteria - Let's face it; your time is precious.  

We clean each piece of equipment thoroughly so the disinfecting process works most effectively.  We offer Tips that will help you maintain a clean and healthy workplace.  A clean environment shows that you care about; your employees, your high cost equipment and company's image.  Your customers will appreciate it too!


                                                                                                 Helping spread the word, not the germs!