Reasons To Clean

Does your phone or keyboard have dirty keys?  Do the keys stick due to a spill?  Is there guck in the seams of your phone and mouse?  Do you cough or sneeze into your hands then continue typing, do you share equipment?  Past and Current Studies tell what collects on these touched surfaces.  

After we clean and disinfect your equipment, we offer suggestions to help you maintain a healthier work environment until your next cleaning.  


It's a fact!  Studies have shown that your office equipment is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria (400 times more than the toilet!).   Most janitorial services do not clean your desk or computer equipment.  Therefore these areas accumulate many gross things.  Dirt and grime, skin oils or earwax may be harmless to you.  But viruses such as the flu, rhinovirus, conjunctivitis or e-coli can be spread thru your workstation and make people very sick.  Think about the number of things that you touch every day;  Your face, your nose, other hands, your phone, keyboard and so on.  Any germs that you touch go with you until you wash your hands.  When you touch again, those germs can be transferred for someone else to touch. 

Studies note that millions of dollars is lost in sick time each year.  Down time stress is put on the other employees when sickness spreads in the workplace. 


Dust is everywhere, especially on your computer equipment.   Dust and grime build up, which can affect the overall running of your equipment.   As an example; your CPU's power supply attracts dust, and it can build up inside.  Eventually the delicate circuitry can overheat any computer equipment.  If we don't maintain our vehicles or change filters the engine could seize.  Dryer filters build up lint and need to be cleaned after each use or they could become a fire hazard.  We need to clean our furnace filters regularly to prevent moulds and dust build up.   We clean and maintain these items because they cost a lot of our money to replace, not to mention the health and safety factors.  Shouldn't the same consideration apply to your computer equipment?


Most people will prefer using clean equipment over dirty.  Using a phone or keyboard with grimy build up and dirty black keys is simply gross.  Coffee splashes, crumbs and dust in a keyboard do not give a professional image.  Sticky notes and tape when removed from equipment collect dust.  How does it look to you, staff members or customers?  Paper pieces, hair, dust and or food crumbs sit in your keyboard for weeks or longer until they are cleaned out.  The results are down right dirty and unhealthy.  When was your equipment cleaned last?

We take the time, to clean & shine, to remove; the germs & grime


       Dust covered CPU Fan                            Dust filled CPU and fan                                                    Heavy dust accumulation on monitor.  




  Crumbs, chips, hair, and paper found in this keyboard.                Dust and staples in this keyboard.



.                 Cleaning scuffs off a Computer Room Floor                        A dust stuffed CPU



Server Cabinets - click to view pictures

Computer Cleaning:

A thorough cleaning will help prevent harmful dust, contaminants and static.  Regular cleaning should reduce potential problems from dust and dirt build up.  Thus, cleaning will leave your equipment looking cared for and may increase life of computer hardware.