Doing it Dirty,  Doing it Right... it's enough to Make you Sick!  Reduce your chances of getting sick and spreading bad germs.   

Don't FALL into another COLD & FLU season without a FIGHT!  Prepare now, book your cleaning and see the difference clean can make.

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Physically cleaning all your office electronics and making clean a part of your workplace routine


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Dust Top Dining...Desks, phones and keyboards are the top 5 Germ hot spots in the workplace in ongoing studies. Who's cleaning yours?

More Dirty Pictures in Reasons to Clean and Pictures

Each unit is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, using detailing brushes to remove guck and grime from the seams and crevices.  After this process is done, the unit can be maintained and disinfected more effectively.

 Avoid touching areas in public such as doors, railings, pens and so on. Hisses to people doing the 5 second rinse or not washing their hands at all!  It's time to use  proper hand hygiene etiquette. Visit Public Health sites for more information.  Go to Fighting Germs and read more...

Helpful hints to help plan to prepare and prevent:  Wash Your Hands, properly, Use Hand Sanitizer, (read directions), Cover your Cough/Sneeze in your Sleeve, not in your hands.  Keep your computer and regularly touched items clean and disinfected, and Stay home when your sick.

Keep a clean and healthy workplace.  Clean equipment looks good, and feels good - call for your complimentary demonstration and see the wow difference!  Note:  External Cleaning Only

You request it and we'll clean it.  Phones, keyboards, mice, calculators, ATMs and more.  It's not only for winter's cold and flu season.  Germs are everywhere and over 80% of Germs are transmitted by hands.  Do you eat at your desk? (go to "Reasons To Clean" for more)

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Call Computer Cleaning Services and we'll do your dirty work! 

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Helping Spread the Word, Not the Germs!


City News Keyboard Germier than Toilet May 2008

See the Dirty Details captured by CP24/City News in our infamous Bacteria Buffet.  


 Is Your Keyboard filled with Germs? (video clip offline)

On Rogers Daytime with Kasia - What's in your keyboard?


Makes news in Russia


Computer Cleaning Services is the physical and external cleaning of office electronics such as phones and keyboards.  We are not liable for any information herein based on opinions by media, electronic resources or otherwise.  Computer Cleaning Services claims no responsibility for content of information provided thru links for your information.

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